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Remove the frustration of backups

Backup Frustration

We get it! Backups are not fun. There is no point thinking otherwise. As far as entertaining dinner conversations go, backup and data are not going to be top of the all time top 100!

Outside of social gatherings, it wouldn’t even come top of many businesses’ meeting agenda favourites.

There are a number of reasons that could explain this, but one that always comes up is that unreliable traditional backups are the cause of alot of frustration within businesses.

Whether it is another failure, forgetting to change a tape, or not being able to restore a file, backups can be an administrative nightmare. Due to this, the risk is that IT managers and business owners can lose sight of the importance of ensuring their business is taking successful backups of their data, putting their business at unnecessary risk of data loss.

The common perception is that backups are hard work, but they don’t have to be!

A scalable and effective online solution is simple to install, automated and reliable. We like to use the phrase ‘set it and forget it’ as that is how easy it should be.

As with all IT solutions, you will find varying degrees of functionality amongst online backup providers, so selection of the right solution for your business needs must be intelligently made; but made right, those negative perceptions of backup can be removed for good.

Don’t allow yourself to de-value what is a critical component of your IT systems, despite it’s lack of excitement.

About the Author

Written by Pete Hughes

Pete is currently Head of Product Management at Taylor Made Computer solutions. Pete has a strong "hands on" technical background that is crucial to his role in developing the TMCS product lines. Pete’s Technical experience includes VMware, Microsoft, Asigra, N-Able and Citrix technologies and is regularly seen at Managed Services and Hosting events in Europe and worldwide. When the time is available Pete enjoys a variety of water sports including Yacht racing and a passion for the mountains and anything that involves snow.