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Traditional Data Backup Vs. Online Backup Solutions

Traditional Vs. Online

Data backup procedures have traditionally involved tape drives. They work like other forms of removable data storage such as a simple memory stick or an external hard drive. Tape drives offer a backup solution that...

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The Evolution Of Data Backup

Data Backup Evolution

The simplest way to ensure you never lose important documentation is to simply duplicate it and keep it locked up tight. This process has always been an integral part of protecting binary information ever since...

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Data Insurance!

My most recent discussions regarding backups have been dominated by one particular theme. In any well operated business, you are going to have a form of insurance coverage for your building, equipment (whatever that may...

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We understand that backup is not fun!

Back Up is Not Fun

We get it! There is no point thinking otherwise. As far as entertaining dinner conversations go, backups and data are not going to be in the all time top 100! Outside of social gatherings, it...

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