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The Evolution Of Data Backup

Data Backup Evolution

The simplest way to ensure you never lose important documentation is to simply duplicate it and keep it locked up tight.

This process has always been an integral part of protecting binary information ever since the very first computer systems started collecting bits of data.

Many different methods of backup have come and gone as the evolution of storage technology has developed.

The very first method of data backup began with the punch card. These devices were used until the 1950’s when the first magnetic tape drive was introduced.

The tape drive boasted the capability to store as much data as 10,000 punch cards and proved a revolutionary step forward in data storage.

This small device prompted the idea of a strategic approach to data protection and became a vital part of computer driven organisations backup protocols.

In 1956 IBM introduced the hard drive. Later becoming the hard disk drive (HDD), this form of data storage eventually became a permanent feature of personal computers across the world.

However, the HDD’s did not replace the tape drive for backup storage and choice between these two mediums is still a much debated decision for IT administrators today.

In 1969 the first floppy disk became available. Initially 8 inches in size, it was later replaced by the 3.5 inch version.

The floppy disk was a highly convenient way of transporting data between computers, however their low storage capacity (up to 250MB) limited them for large scale data backup.

The floppy disk was replaced by Compact Disks (CDs) towards the end of the 90’s and in 1998, USB flash drives entered the market. Since then, both of these storage mediums have continued to evolve, storing more and more data.

However the growth of the internet in the early 90’s brought about the next generation of data backup – Cloud backup.

It is considered best practice that critical data that’s been backed up, is taken off-site to ensure it’s recoverable in the event of theft or destructive events.

Online forms of data storage give companies an option to store data off-site that scales with data/business growth but avoids many of the risks associated with removable storage devices.

Cloud backup can be automated which subsequently reduces manpower needed and significantly minimises the impact of human error – meaning data is significantly more secure.

Securo Backup and Recovery from Taylor Made Computer Solutions is built on industry leading software at the fore front of online backup technology.

It offers a cloud backup services that provides a cost effective and reliable method of off-site data storage without the need for tape drives or other removable devices.

So, keep your business ahead of the data backup evolution with Securo Backup and Recovery, contact the team today.

About the Author

Written by Pete Hughes

Pete is currently Head of Product Management at Taylor Made Computer solutions. Pete has a strong "hands on" technical background that is crucial to his role in developing the TMCS product lines. Pete’s Technical experience includes VMware, Microsoft, Asigra, N-Able and Citrix technologies and is regularly seen at Managed Services and Hosting events in Europe and worldwide. When the time is available Pete enjoys a variety of water sports including Yacht racing and a passion for the mountains and anything that involves snow.