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Data is the backbone of any business. Few companies could survive after a complete data loss. This vulnerability is a huge worry for IT managers.

The notion of using online backup services may seem risky. Not having tangible storage devices can be an unnerving prospect for those tasked with data security.

But the benefits of backing up in the cloud could make you think twice about sticking with more traditional methods.

Online backup starts with client software installed on your server, to be used either by the individuals in your company responsible for data security, or can be fully managed by a service provider.

Securo Backup and Recovery is built on industry-leading software from Asigra.

Asigra’s software has been recognised by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), making it more secure than any other software on the market.

One of the ways that Asigra makes cloud backup secure is by using Agentless Technology.

An ‘agent’ can be defined as a piece of software installed on a computer for the purposes of collecting specific data and streaming it to the backup server.

As a result of being installed on every machine, agent-based solutions create a much larger application footprint. The smaller the application footprint the fewer potential attack vectors from malicious parties.

Agentless technology mitigates this risk by installing your backup software on only one machine with a significantly smaller footprint.

This also makes integrating software across your network significantly less invasive, causing much less disruption to your IT users.

One of the main features of the Asigra software is that it uses AES-256 military-grade encryption by default. The data is encrypted at source, and is only readable by the backup client with the correct encryption keys and registration information.

Keeping your data off-site is another way to avoid unnecessary security risks such as the physical theft or loss of tape drives and other storage devices.

Online data backup is not only more secure than ever, it is becoming the preferred option of businesses across the world.

If you’re interested in seeing how Securo Backup and Recovery can provide your business data with the security it needs, then contact us today.

You can even try Securo Backup and Recovery for free for 14 days – find out more about our free trial.

About the Author

Written by Pete Hughes

Pete is currently Head of Product Management at Taylor Made Computer solutions. Pete has a strong "hands on" technical background that is crucial to his role in developing the TMCS product lines. Pete’s Technical experience includes VMware, Microsoft, Asigra, N-Able and Citrix technologies and is regularly seen at Managed Services and Hosting events in Europe and worldwide. When the time is available Pete enjoys a variety of water sports including Yacht racing and a passion for the mountains and anything that involves snow.