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4 Reasons To Choose Securo Online Backup

4 Reasons to Choose Securo

There are lots of reasons why online backup is becoming a popular method of data protection for many businesses. Here’s four that might convince you too.

1) Security – The primary reason to backup your data is to keep it safe. Choosing a data backup method is often influenced solely on what provides your business data with the most security.

Traditional methods of data backup require IT administrators to remove tape drives and take them off-site to protect against them being comprised when the business premises are unmanned.

Securo backup and recovery, is an automated online backup solution that uses  military grade encryption to securely send a backup of your data in near real time to Taylor Made’s two high specification datacentres in Hampshire.

So there’s no chance of human error associated with traditional backup methods and because only you know the encryption key, the solution is even more secure.

2) Reduce your backup costs – Because you only pay for what you store, there are no ongoing hardware or licensing costs.

Securo de-duplicates and compresses your data to help decrease size and save you money.

Securo is also built on Agentless technology from Asigra. The agentless software is only installed on one machine – meaning there aren’t multiple agents to administer, control, update and renew, further reducing costs.

Securo has been specifically designed around the principle of backup Life cycle management, a tiered storage approach that allows you to align the value of your data with the cost of storage.

As your data gets older and is considered less critical, it is migrated to lower cost facilities (without compromising security), helping you to manage your storage costs effectively.

Choosing a managed solution from Taylor Made means you can further reduce your overheads by removing the requirement for dedicated resource to manage and administer your backups in-house.

3) Match your business ambitions – When planning your business’s backup solution it’s important to understand in detail what your current data backup needs are – but have you thought about the future?

As businesses grow, so does their corporate data., so it’s important to have a solution in place that will scale with the business, without requiring any significant investment in additional hardware or licensing.

Securo has no data limits so it allows your data to keep on growing without having to change hardware or software.

So no more archiving and replacing tape drives, just consistent data backup without the hassle.

4) Disaster Recovery – 60% of companies that lose their data go out of business within 6 months, yet 30% of companies report that they still do not have a distaster recovery program in place(1). Could your business recover from data loss?

An online backup solution, like Securo Backup and Recovery is the first step towards a full Disaster Recovery plan, and is arguably one of the most important elements.

Having your data stored off-site means whatever happens to your business premises or your network, your data remains secure.

Because your data has been replicated and is securely stored in Taylor Made’s custom built hosting facilities, you can minimise the impact to your workforce, reduce the cost to your bottom line and resume business operations sooner, if the worst should happen.

With Securo, not only is your data backed up effectively and securely, but most importantly it is easily recoverable when necessary – which is the reason we all undertake backups in the first place.

Using the Securo Online Backup and Recovery Solution – Taylor Made’s expert technicians will work with you to ensure your backups form an integral part of your disaster recovery plan and help you to ensure business continuity should the worst happen.

To find out more about Securo Online Backup and Recovery and how your business could benefit, call 0845 241 9696 or start your free trial today to see for yourself.


About the Author

Written by Pete Hughes

Pete is currently Head of Product Management at Taylor Made Computer solutions. Pete has a strong "hands on" technical background that is crucial to his role in developing the TMCS product lines. Pete’s Technical experience includes VMware, Microsoft, Asigra, N-Able and Citrix technologies and is regularly seen at Managed Services and Hosting events in Europe and worldwide. When the time is available Pete enjoys a variety of water sports including Yacht racing and a passion for the mountains and anything that involves snow.