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Are You Prepared For The Worst?

Are you prepared for the worst

Those of us who are data conscious are consistently hitting the save button after every change we make to our documents in progress.

But are you the same when it comes to your overall business data? Have you chosen a solution that gives you the option to constantly back up your data as soon as it changes?

Understanding the true cost of data loss and the value of your corporate data, may make you think twice about how often you’re backing up and how you go about it.

Statistics suggest that 93% of companies that suffered severe data loss for 10 days or more, filed for bankruptcy within one year – 50% filed for it immediately.

When you consider that 20% of small and medium sized businesses will suffer some kind of disaster leading to data loss every 5 years – choosing the right backup solution could be the difference between your business surviving or not.

So to fully protect yourself from events such as fires, floods, long term power and communication failure – it’s vital you have a backup plan…literally.

Part of an overall business continuity plan should be a well considered disaster recovery strategy which takes into account how critical data is restored.

Taylor Made work with their clients to help them create a bespoke backup solution, as part of a disaster recovery plan, that allow them to tier their data storage, according to how critical it is to business operations.

Adding tiers to data storage ensures that the most important files can be recovered first – allowing businesses to resume their integral operations as quickly as possible – whilst managing storage costs effectively.

With Securo Backup and Recovery, Taylor Made’s online backup service, businesses can backup their data in near real time via a fully automated system.

Backup schedules can be set to meet the business requirements, up to as frequently as every minute. This means that their business data can be constantly backed up, securely off-site.

Using an online backup system like Securo grants businesses the peace of mind that in the event of data loss, big or small, it can be quickly and efficiently restored whenever it’s needed.

So if you haven’t prepared for the worse, isn’t it about time you did? Your business might just depend on it.

For more information on the Securo Backup and Recovery solution, or to try it for yourself for free, contact us today on 0845 241 9696.

About the Author

Written by Pete Hughes

Pete is currently Head of Product Management at Taylor Made Computer solutions. Pete has a strong "hands on" technical background that is crucial to his role in developing the TMCS product lines. Pete’s Technical experience includes VMware, Microsoft, Asigra, N-Able and Citrix technologies and is regularly seen at Managed Services and Hosting events in Europe and worldwide. When the time is available Pete enjoys a variety of water sports including Yacht racing and a passion for the mountains and anything that involves snow.