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Asigra Included Gartner’s Enterprise Backup Magic Quadrant

rtner Magic Quadrant

The world’s leading information technology research and advisory organisation, Gartner, included Asigra in its prestigious Enterprise Backup/Recovery Magic Quadrant for yet another year in 2013. Gartner is an extremely well respected organisation in the technology...

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Your 2014 Data Backup Resolutions

Securo Resolution

Taylor Made Computer Solutions would like to wish you a very happy New Year and hope you have a successful 2014. We saw some nasty viruses that threatened businesses in 2013 like ‘Cryptolocker’ and “Sobig.F”....

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It isn’t about how much it costs to backup; it’s about whether you can afford to be without it!

Cost - Risk

Backup has evolved, it has had to in order to meet modern day demands. Digital data increases beyond levels you would imagine on an annual basis (90% of the worlds data was created in the...

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Decrypting Encryption

Decrypting Encryption

Securo Backup and Recovery uses a military grade AES-256 bit encryption to protect your data as it passes through the cloud to our data centres in Hampshire. That all sounds fairly nifty (and it is!)...

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Are You Prepared For The Worst?

Are you prepared for the worst

Those of us who are data conscious are consistently hitting the save button after every change we make to our documents in progress. But are you the same when it comes to your overall business...

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Put Your Feet Up This Christmas With Automated Online Backup

Put your feet up this Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching and organising your IT workforce to ensure your data backup protocols are carried out, can be a challenge for small and medium sized businesses. Traditional data backup methods using removable storage...

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Who is responsible for your backups?

who is responsible

The physical process of backing up your data is typically a role performed by an IT team, or at the very least, someone is allocated the responsibility of changing tapes, such as the receptionist or...

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4 Reasons To Choose Securo Online Backup

4 Reasons to Choose Securo

There are lots of reasons why online backup is becoming a popular method of data protection for many businesses. Here’s four that might convince you too. 1) Security – The primary reason to backup your...

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Managing Your Data Backup Effectively

Manage Your Data

Ensuring your business data has an effective backup strategy is a necessity for every business. But not every single megabit of data has the same value. Understanding the significance of the different parts of your...

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Ultimate Security with Securo Back-up and Recovery

Ulimate Security

Data is the backbone of any business. Few companies could survive after a complete data loss. This vulnerability is a huge worry for IT managers. The notion of using online backup services may seem risky....

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