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Traditional Data Backup Vs. Online Backup Solutions

Traditional Vs. Online

Data backup procedures have traditionally involved tape drives. They work like other forms of removable data storage such as a simple memory stick or an external hard drive. Tape drives offer a backup solution that...

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The Evolution Of Data Backup

Data Backup Evolution

The simplest way to ensure you never lose important documentation is to simply duplicate it and keep it locked up tight. This process has always been an integral part of protecting binary information ever since...

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Data Insurance!

My most recent discussions regarding backups have been dominated by one particular theme. In any well operated business, you are going to have a form of insurance coverage for your building, equipment (whatever that may...

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Calculating the value of your data


This week I read an article that, for me, summarised the purpose of a good backup. I have written previous blogs about value of data and appreciation of how much it is worth versus the...

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What is the purpose of backup?

Purpose Backup

In recent weeks I have found myself repeating the same questions several times: Why do we backup data? What is its fundamental purpose? The simple answer is, to be able to recover data. Whether it...

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Just how valuable is your data?

Data Value

Just how much of an impact would losing your data have on your business? Have you considered the repercussions if your business was unable to recover a small amount, or even worse, all of your...

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Dont confuse the cost of backup with the value of BDR


Before tackling the tricky subject of costs, lets be clear about what Backup and Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) are. What is the difference? Backup is consistent with what many businesses have in place. It...

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Remove the frustration of backups

Backup Frustration

We get it! Backups are not fun. There is no point thinking otherwise. As far as entertaining dinner conversations go, backup and data are not going to be top of the all time top 100!...

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Is your business exposed to data loss?

Data Loss

One of the key reasons we perform data backups is to guard against disaster.  This could be something as small as a failed server or disk drive, or a total disaster such as fire or...

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7 Reasons Businesses are Shifting to Cloud Backup

Data Management

The latest blog post from backup experts Asigra is so good we had to share: Managing data has become one of the most important and complex IT challenges for businesses of all sizes. Organisations are...

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